Awning & Canopy Cleaning Services

awning cleaning business and canopy cleaning maintenance services by Extra Clean for commercial properties in DC, MD, VAExtra Clean provides professional awning and canopy cleaning and maintenance services to residential communities and commercial properties in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

Regular awning cleaning, maintenance, and sealing will add years to the beauty and integrity of your awning or canopy. Whether woven or vinyl, we can remove heavy soils and streaking from your awning. Depending on the location and your environmental factors, we can set up regular cleanings.

We heavily rinse the awning or canopy then apply brushed and deep cleansing solutions to preserve the original state. We also clean and brush the underside upon request. We recommend awning protector for your woven fabrics and stain repellent that prevents soils and mold from entering the fabric weave to extend its life and protect your investment.

Extra Clean offers a multi-step awning cleaning process:

Awning/Canopy Fabric Cleaning
First it is important to identify the fabrics to properly apply the right environmentally friendly cleaning solution. After a thorough inspection it will be determined whether your fabrics are Acrylic (open weave) cloth fabrics or Vinyl (plastic) materials. Fabrics must be handled with the proper care and attention to provide longevity and sustainable, vivid colors. Our methods involve hand cleaning all fabrics, softly agitating with bore hair brushes. Once your fabrics have been cleaned they are air dried and are ready to receive a protective sealer.

Awning/Canopy Fabric Sealed
By applying the correct sealer to the industrial fabric we can help protect it from sun damage (UV rays), pollution, acid rain, and other environmental problems. It will also provide water repellent seal and limit the build up of mold, mildew and algae.

Want to improve the appearance of your commercial property? Before you think about buying new, have your awnings cleaned and sealed by Extra Clean.

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Awning Cleaning and Canopy Cleaning Services

Awning Cleaning Canopy Cleaning Service DC Maryland Northern Virginia

Awning Cleaning Canopy Cleaning Service DC Maryland Northern Virginia

Awning Cleaning

Awning Canopy Cleaning Service DC Maryland Virginia