Glass Restoration Service & Scratch Removal

Extra Clean, the leading glass restoration company, offers scratched glass repair and enhancement services in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia.

Our highly skilled technicians can restore any type of glass at your commercial or residential property for only a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Not only do scratches obstruct visibility, they also create structural stresses in glass. By having Extra Clean remove glass scratches, clear visibility and structural soundness are restored while saving time and money.

In addition to removing scratches, we can also restore glass which has been damaged by hard water spotting, calcium (efflorescence), chemical splatters, metal rust, acid rain, etc.

Extra Clean offers 3 levels of glass restoration service


1. Window Cleaning Service using a “soap & water” solution with a squeegee to remove surface dirt. This of course includes the wiping down of the window frame, sill, and track area.

2. Glass Enhancement Service which includes the use of pumice; cerium oxide or some other specialty cleaning product. These cleaners can be applied with either manpower and special pad applicators or with variable speed buffers, all depending on the severity of the calcium (efflorescence); acid rain, metal rust, inter alia on the glass surface.

3. Glass Restoration Service which requires the use of buffers along with polishing compounds for removing scratches and acid damage of any size and depth from glass.

We will always perform a sample cleaning (at no charge) of the window that provides the “greatest challenge” and establish that window as the “work standard” for the entire job.

Following your glass restoration service, we recommend to seal the glass to extend its life and prohibit any of the aforementioned substances to bond to the glass surface.

Remember our best price and service guarantee!

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