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wood deck restoration services by Extra Clean include deck cleaning, sealing, staining and stripping for Potomac, Bethesda, Rockville, Chevy Chase, Silver Spring, Gaithersburg, Montgomery CountyExtra Clean has highly trained professionals that can clean, repair, restore and seal your deck to its original beauty. We will make your deck look new again! We have a wide range of experience from pressure washing to sanding, staining, and sealing.

Moisture and heat from the sun for extended periods of time is very harmful to wood. To allow the beauty of the wood to be visible, a transparent stain or preservative is often selected. This type of finish is usually protective only for a single year. It must be reapplied on a yearly basis. Another choice for a finish is an opaque (non transparent) finish. This can provide protection for more than a year.

Splash some water on your deck and see if it is absorbed into the wood. If so, it is time to add a new coat of finish. Sanding is most likely required if a deck is unprotected for more than one year. Once your deck is restored, it is a much simpler job to wash the deck and reapply the finish each year.

Extra Clean uses professional grade stain and seal by Cabot


deck cleaning sealing staining for restoration of wood decksCabot Stains offers solid deck stains and multipurpose semi-solid deck and fence stain products in both water-based and oil-based formulations. The stains contain a heavy pigment for UV protection and come in many color options. Once dried, the stains are scruff resistant. The oil-based formulas only require one coat of stain for protection. The water-based formula stains need two coats for best results. Cabot includes Teflon in the formula for extra strong protection.

Other Deck Stain Basics and Performance Information:

The first thing to understand is that deck stains are either oil-based or water-based. Many people prefer the water-based formula because the oil stains have a strong odor during the application and drying period. However, oil-based deck stains adhere to the wood better, do not peel (unlike water-based), offer greater protection and last longer.

It is also important to learn about the general types of deck stains available. Each one offers a different degree of protection for the deck:

  • Transparent: A transparent or clear stain allows the wood grain pattern to completely show through. It is a beautiful look but it fades faster than other types of deck stain and usually needs to be redone in a year. If you use a transparent stain, be sure to add a UV protectant wood finish product to help the stain last longer.
  • Semi-transparent: Semi-transparent stains offer more coverage than transparent types but still allow a lot of the beauty of the wood grain pattern to show through. The semi-transparent stain comes in a selection of colors and lasts for about two years.
  • Solid: Solid stain has more of a painted look and is available in a variety of colors. It covers the wood grain pattern completely but still shows the wood texture. This is the highest level of protection from the elements and protects a deck for up to 5 years.
  • Semi-solid: The semi-solid stains are a unique formula by Cabot Stains. It offers the deck a high level of protection from the elements but still allows some the wood grain pattern to show
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