Bird Control Services & Bird Proofing Systems

Extra Clean specializes in bird control services for both residential communities and commercial properties.

While birds can be attractive to look at, they can cause significant aesthetic damage to structures and create health issues.

Many birds and pigeons will nest on the buildings architectural features, including all flat surfaces as well as any decorative facade enhancements. Avian nesting is also an issue in house eaves or in your attic given the opportunity, and once they create a nest it can be particularly difficult to remove them. Even the small starling is strong enough to peck through the screen found on many homes today.

Not only can they be a nuisance in terms of noise, but their droppings are highly acidic and can cause significant damage. We have a variety of ways to remove birds from your home or building which will cause the minimum of impact to both you and the birds.

Depending on the type of bird species, one method employs spikes which don’t harm the birds, but simply makes it inconvenient for them to build their nests. An alternative method is to use an electronic track which provides a small electrical shock to discourage birds from settling on your property. Other control methods include proper vent coverings to prevent nesting (and re-nesting) as well as a non-toxic, transparent gel which keeps birds off of your building.

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Bird Control Systems and Bird Proofing Services

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