Crystal Chandelier Cleaning Services

Extra Clean, Inc performs expert light fixture cleaning and crystal chandelier cleaning services throughout the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia areas. We can clean just about any chandelier or light fixture.

The majority of crystal chandelier cleaning jobs require a mild detergent in hot water or a special cleaning solution to restore the crystal finish. We hand buff each crystal individually using lint-free microfiber towels and we also clean the arms and non-crystal surface areas.

We take pride in our cleaning capabilities, specialize in high access areas and have done work on all types and sizes from hotel grand ballroom chandeliers to residential chandeliers .

Since most chandeliers require partial or complete dis-assembly, our experienced chandelier cleaning experts have been extensively trained in these procedures and special attention is given to label each piece when being cleaned.

What you can expect from our chandelier cleaning service:


  • Safety mats and drop clothes used under and around chandelier
  • Crystals individually hand buffed with microfiber towels
  • Mild detergents and special cleaning solutions used to restore finish
  • Always clean the frames, arms, and non-crystal surface areas
  • Light bulb replacement service also offered


Make your next job Extra Clean and remember our best price and service guarantee!

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